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What is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP converts your calls into digital data packets, enabling it to be sent over the internet.

Technology allowing you to make a receive calls over the internet.

Business VoIP is a high quality, reliable and feature rich service that older telephone systems cannot compete with, regardless of whether you’re a start-up or even an industry leader.

Instantly accessible communications wherever you are

Separate phone lines to make phone calls are no longer required – your calls travel over the broadband internet connection, the same network that your email would use for example.

Business grade VoIP system are vastly different to services like Skype, which are consumer grade.

1. VoIP Provider - ``that's us``

Your VoIP service will provide you with SIP details and a phone number in order to send calls over the internet.

2. An Internet Connection

An Internet connection is required to make and receive VoIP calls. It does not matter if the internet is via a wired connection, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

3. A Phone! (VoIP or Analogue with Adapter)

A VoIP phone connects directly to your router and allows you to make and receive calls like a standard handset. With an analogue adapter you can connect an existing analogue phone to the internet.

4. Or a Computer / Mobile App

Alternatively, VoIP software can be used on a computer or a VoIP app can be used on your mobile device instead of buying new hardware.

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)

SIP Allows voice and video communication over the internet

SIP User

– Set of personal credentials created when you sign up for a VoIP package, allowing you to access and use VoIP on your VoIP phone / computer software / mobile app.
– Each user can have its credentials customised – i.e. username, password, domain, personnel voicemail, record and monitored calls, etc.
– Once the credentials are entered onto a device (VoIP phone, computer software, mobile app), they activate the your SIP user, allowing you to use your VoIP service from anywhere in the world.

1. Software on your Computer

This is a bit of software on your computer that uses your computers data network, microphone and speaker (Or headset if you have one on your computer) to make and receive the call.
There’s loads of choice of softphones – plenty of them are free. Follow this link to see what we like and download. Click Here
Android phones have a native softphone built in, which they call “Internet Calls”.

2. You can use a regular VoIP enabled phone

There is a huge choice; just follow the hardware link in the menu to see a range of Voip Phones. If you’re starting out, a Grandstream 1625 is a good choice. That lets you have two concurrent calls and has a decent feature set for the price. You just plug the phone into your network (or any network thats on the Internet; doesn’t have to be at your business or home address) and it will connect to our platform and you can make and receive calls. You have to put a few credentials into the phone, but just three; your username, password and the “domain” – talk.hostedvoip4business.com. You set up your users in the Dashboard at hostedvoip4business.com once you have an account so can call them what you like.

3. Call Routes

You can simply use our Call Routes to forward your number to a mobile number. This isn’t using our service at its optimum but some customers find this easiest. Just tell the system – call this mobile number – and forward the call on when someone dials your new London number or whatever number you choose.