Platform Features

Our platform brings you the latest features and benefits to your business communications. Our system lives in the cloud and is constantly being developed ensuring we provide you with the latest innovations and features that will benefit your business. Because it lives in the cloud you no longer require any expensive hardware and whats more as we bring new features to our system you automatically receive these new features with no intervention, down time or costs!
Basic System Features

Voice Mail

Divert your calls to personalised voicemail for when you are too busy, on another call or unable to take a call.

Music on Hold

Play music or adverts to your customers, whilst on hold or being routed to another staff member.

HD Call Quality

Superb High Definition audio for all calls made via the platform.

Call Encryption

Enable call encryption for greater security over your calls.

Audio Library

Use the audio library for storing all your music on hold, IVR recordings, marketing adverts and so on.

Number Transfers

Bring your number to the telinq platform, transferring to us is simple.

User Extension Control

Manage your users and extension features with ease from within your control panel.

Sip Trunks

Use our SIP trunks with your own SIP PBX.

Call Handling


Route calls to multiple destinations including extensions, ring groups, internal or external.


Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, 3 for marketing etc.... Create and present a professional image using our easy to edit IVR.

Ring Groups

Create ring/hunt groups for specific departments, premises and teams.

Time of Day Routing

Create out of hours routing schedules to divert calls that come in after business hours or route calls to different locations at specific times.

Call Screening/Blocking

Screen and block any unwanted calls coming in on your numbers.

Dial by Extension

Allow callers to get direct to a users by using the dial by extension feature.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF's)

See the status of your team members easily with BLF's.

Call Queuing

Keep callers on the line with advanced queuing system

Call Management

Call Recording

This professional feature removes the complexity and need for additional call recorders.

Conference Bridge

Collaborate with your colleagues and customers easily using our conference bridge facility.

Call Logs

View comprehensive call logs via the admin control panel.

Call Monitoring

Listen to live calls taking place for training and helping employees. Barge-in option to talk to employee without the person hearing.

Alternative Caller ID

Present different number on outbound calls for different parts of the business or different team locations.

Voice Mail to Email

Get voice mail delivered to your email or colleagues email as well as yours.

Missed Call Alerts

Missed call alerts on phone as well an email alerting you with details of the call.

Short Codes

Access features of the phone system by entering short codes.

Wallboard Statistics

View Real-time VoIP Call Statistics On-screen, such as average wait times, number of calls answered and number of abandoned calls etc

Device Features

IOS and Android Apps

Use one of our free apps, to replicate your desk phone and bring you other features such as chat

Built-in Browser Phone

No need for a desk phone or any special apps, just use a web browser to make and receive HD Calls.

Built-in Fax

Send and receive faxes using our built-in fax to email service.

Use any VoIP Hardware

We support all the major brands of VoIP hardware giving you the choice to use what you want.

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