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! VoIP Core Issue

Unable to make and receive calls

A major upstream partner (Google) is currently experiencing an outage to core locations of their cloud services infrastructure. We are awaiting further information from Google and are working hard on re-routing affected accounts with urgency. Next update 14:30

14:32 UTC: Google have acknowledged the incident are working hard to restore service. Meanwhile, affected accounts continue to be re-routed around the issue, which lay in a core Google European data centre. Next update 15:00

14:39 UTC: Google have now publicly declared the issue at https://status.cloud.google.com/incident/cloud-networking/18019. It is particularly impacting as the Google zone affected is core to their Europe wide network. We are re-routing all traffic and accounts are starting to restore.

15:05 UTC: Google have now resolved the issue so any accounts still affected are restoring. Please note that a large back log of traffic may mean some accounts could take a further 30 minutes to be fully functional for both inbound and outbound calls.

15:22 UTC: This issue is now closed.If you are still experiencing any issues please reboot your devices, you will see them reconnect to our service instantly.



14:08 UTC

Est Fix

Wed 19 DEC
14:30 UTC