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The Right Fit for your Business

If you need one line or one thousand we can have you up and running in no time, there is no minimum contract so if you have a flexible work force you can activate and deactivate lines as you need them.  Whether you are a new startup, growing business or large established organisation we have a solution that is the right fit for your business.


If you just need an additional line for home HostedVoip4u is simple and affordable with no monthly contract

Home Office

HostedVoip4business is the perfect choice for the home office. with great features including follow me, IVR, voice mail, out of hours routing and all for a low cost and a fraction of BT prices.

Small Business

Save up to 40% on the cost of your daily business calls by switching to an easy to use, internet based VoIP telephone system.

Large Business

A superfast internet connection can hold up to 200 concurrent high definition calls at one time, making VoIP perfect for your business.

Features and Benefits

HostedVoip4u brings you the latest features and benefits to your communication systems and don’t forget our hosted PBX (sometimes referred to as switchboard) lives in the cloud and is constantly being  developed ensuring we bring the latest innovations and best features to you.  As it lives in the cloud you no longer require any expensive hardware and whats more as we bring new features to our system you automatically receive these new features with no intervention, down time or costs!
  • Wired, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G

    Your VoIP phone works whenever you have an internet connection, regardless whether it is wired, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. This allows you to swap desks, swap buildings, swap countries.

    If your internet goes down, you can plug your handset into a working connection elsewhere – your number, contacts and services are with you wherever you go.

  • Virtual Switchboard

    As HostedVoip4u is in the cloud, you have the ability to add remote and home workers onto your VoIP network from any computer that has access to the internet. Allow your staff to use your company telephone number, wherever they are in the world.

  • Out of Hours Routing

    Create out of hours routing schedules to divert calls that come in after business hours. Forward calls direct to Voicemail boxes, custom audio messaging or for business that don’t want to miss call you can forward out of hours calls to a mobile or other external number.

    • Extensive call handling for when your office is closed. Allows regular week scheduling plus custom days for holiday scheduling.
    • Combine Out of Hours diaries with different Call Routes, eg. a call route for lunch time, one for over night, one for weekend.
    • Apply diaries to phone numbers. Create schedules, elect their call routes and then choose which phone number to apply them too.
  • IVR

    Whether you are a freelancer or large corporation, with our easily editable IVR system setup, you can start presenting professional call menus to your callers in no time. Our Cloud PBX hands you the ability to assign actions which callers can choose via touch tone selection on their phones. Build better customer satisfaction and a more efficient customer experience by allowing your callers to choose the service or department they require without the need to repeatedly place them on hold pass them round the office. Record your own bespoke voice prompts or use our existing defaults. Divert calls to specific departments, employees or voicemail mailboxes in just a few clicks. The flexibility available with our IVR features means that you can create an efficient, but inexpensive gatekeeper for incoming calls, with a personality that reflects your company or brand.

    • Instantly create professional touch tone IVR menus for incoming calls.
    • Combine multiple call modules. Applied easily as call routes and used in conjunction with all other call route modules to add voicemail, play audio, send to certain users, groups, external numbers.
    • Dial by Extension – let callers enter the extension to be dialled via touch tone.
    • Increase customer satisfaction by letting your callers choose the most relevant destination to resolve their queries.
  • Music on Hold

    We believe music on hold is a really important function in promoting your organisations ethos and brand. Our platform will allow you to completely tailor your music on hold for different departments as well as your main number. In addition, with audio options you are not just limited to music, you can record your very own custom audio, ideal for promoting seasonal offers to a caller or providing the caller with informational on-hold messaging.

    • Easily upload your own sound files through your online Dashboard.
    • Apply different audio to specific call routes or users. Tailor your on-hold music to the need of incoming callers.
    • Create unique defined playlists which can be updated at any time and reflect your brand identity.
  • Conference Bridge

    Collaborate with your colleagues and customers easily using our conference call facility. With HostedVoip4u you can create a virtual meeting room instantly, no hardware or technical knowledge required. With fully manageable dial-in access controls, user permissions and audio greeting capabilities, this feature really opens up the accessibility to conference calling whether you are a large corporation or growing SME.

    • Enable callers to participate in conference calls via unique PIN access.
    • Choose audio played when callers are waiting for other meeting attendees.
    • Combine with a call route or nominate to make it a standalone dial-in option.
  • Voice Mail & Mail Boxes

    Divert your calls to personalised voicemail for when you are too busy, on another call or unable to take a call. With numerous time saving voicemail features such as rapid email notification with audio and voicemail-to-text transcription, our hosted VoIP service, will provide your callers with a pleasant experience, while helping you save time, money and ensure you need not worry about missing an important call in situations where you might not be able to be reached.

    • Create voicemail mailboxes for individual users or teams.
    • Set individual mailbox permissions and notifications for different users.
    • Voicemail notifications sent instantly by email as attachments or retrieve messages from user Dashboard.
  • Call Routing and Forwarding

    Our powerful conditional call forwarding and routing will ensure your inbound calls always get to the destination you want them to go to. An easy-to-manage call routing interface provides you with the power to send calls to groups, voicemail mailboxes, interactive menus and more. With a few clicks you can set up dynamic conditional call forwarding to send calls to different departments, extensions, to any location or device, wherever they may be. Your business phone numbers will follow you wherever you go, so you need never miss an important call again. So whether you want to receive calls on your deskphone, mobile, or desktop computer, it’s all possible with our state-of-the-art VoIP phone system. For full business flexibility with robust and limitless editing capabilities, choose our call routing for your organisation today.

    • Easily forward calls to single, multiple extensions, or combinations of internal and external numbers.
    • Forward-to logic allows multiple forwards depending on the outcome of previous forward, eg. wait 30 seconds dialing an extension and if no answer proceed to next.
    • Take your business line with you wherever there is internet access, for anytime anywhere calls. Never miss a call!
    • Dynamic call routing modules offer supreme call handling and flexibility for all types of businesses.
  • Call Management

    With our platform you are in complete control of your call activity and you are able to see a complete call list for your business. You are able to view a list of inbound, outbound and internal phone calls to and from each of your phone numbers, which is great feature for analysis, training and to determine your busiest call times.

    • See an overview of all calls made in your account, plus their associated costs instantly in the Dashboard.
    • Enjoy full control of all your calls, including call transfers, conference call and calls on hold.
    • Easily park and retrieve VoIP calls via shortcode combinations, from any device. Maximum flexibility for the busy office or home.
    • Aid business analysis with the ability to effortlessly filter and download your call data in CSV format.
  • Call Recordings

    HostedVoip4u includes 30 days of rolling archives for call recordings when you choose to use the feature. This professional feature removes the complexity and need for additional call recorders or devices as it’s built into the functionality of our platform,  offering you security and protection when you need it and the freedom to converse unrecorded when you don’t. Whether your business is a financial institution, FSA regulated companies, or are in a health or law related profession, our call recording feature will lower your costs, aid regulatory compliance, help with dispute resolution and more.

    • Easy accessible recordings can be played back in browser or downloaded to desktop.
    • Comprehensive recording search allows you to find calls quickly and easily.
    • Configure shortcodes to dynamically turn call recording on and off during live calls.
    • 30 days of rolling archives included with every account; up to 10 years of additional archives can be purchased for a small additional charge.
  • Fax to Email

    We can provide you with a dedicated business fax number that combines with your email address to send and receive faxes without the need for any bulky or ageing fax machine hardware. Reduce costs and increase efficiency by faxing online using HostedVoip4u. Your dedicated fax number moves with you wherever you go, so electronic fax, or efax, can ensure that you receive important fax messages on your tablet, smartphone or desktop computer.

    • Send and receive fax to any phone number or email address of your choosing.
    • Save space and money – send fax by email without the need for a fax machine.
    • Receive faxes for free. View and download received faxes via your email or Dashboard.
  • User Management

    With the HostedVoip4u platform you have full control over your sip user accounts giving you the ability to unlock voip phones, soft phones and devices for use with your service. With full user management ensuring that you have a wide range of permissions and roles available for you and your organisation at the touch of your fingertips. Want to provide management personnel with greater responsibilities? No problem, simply assign them though your online Dashboard. From to hunt groups and extensions, to per user call monitoring and recording permissions

    • Instant and live configuration of SIP Users. Get started in an instant.
    • Group SIP Users for easier Call Route Management. Ideal for multiple departments and teams.
    • Elect extension numbering of your own choice and per user if desired.
    • TLS Encryption can be turned on/off per user.
    • Configure external SIP URI Invites for individual SIP users or phone numbers if desired.

Wired, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G

Your VoIP phone works whenever you have an internet connection, regardless whether it is wired, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. This allows you to swap desks, swap buildings, swap countries.

If your internet goes down, you can plug your handset into a working connection elsewhere - your number, contacts and services are with you wherever you go.

Unlimited incoming & outgoing calls

All of our packages include unlimited incoming calls with additional options to include all outgoing call costs in your plan.

Transfer your existing number or select a new one

Pick the perfect phone number from our exhaustive list, local or non-geographic.

Alternatively have your existing number transferred across

Virtual Switchboard

The ability to add remote and home workers onto your VoIP network. Allow them to use your company telephone number, wherever they are in the world